Globalization as Civilization

Globalization as Civilization?

Tonny Dian Effendi

Globalization and State Role

§    Internationalization changed to be globalization when the growth based on dematerialization activity (ex:internet connection) and the blow up of the social complexity

§    All of the process like determined by competition

§    Is the open market which borderless state would laid an accepted society?


§    States has like powerless in economy. Ex : oligopoly market

§    MNC/TNC as the winner in this conditions

§    Global opinion vs US hegemony?

§    Globalization as the accumulation of the power which never been stop and stoped and it would be growth by it self

§    The question : are peoples ready to this conditions?


§    The states sovereignity in the difficult condition

§    Globalization was break the public service monopoly that has monopolized by state

§    The powerless of the state in the political control of money, informations and public opinion

§    The region organization or international organization as the doctor for the states problems (ex : EU, ASEAN, Mercosur)

Globalization : Ethic and Value

§    The government will be easier if support with a general consensus about value and ethic

§    It will focused on Human Right and how to implement it

§    There is the culture shock, that before,it kept by the geographical wall

§    Information and technology has be a mainstream of its condition as a media of change


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