International Issues in the US’s Two Democrats

International Issues in the US’s Two Democrats Tonny D Effendi Politics for peace and prosperity! That is the slogan of the president election in United States this year. This slogan can be understood both inside and outside US. Inside has meant that this elections will make a change for the social welfare and prosperity for the peoples of US. Outside has meant that this election will bring world peace and change to the frienship for US and all of the states in the world. It can be understood in the logic that after the Afghanistan and Iraq war, there has increased the anti-US sentiment movements.Analyse about the US president election is so interesting when we look at the both of candidat in republic and democrat party. And the hotest news has came from the competition between two democratic president candidates, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This two candidates was dominated the headline in some news paper and news web site in internet. They had special characteristic that had no found in republic candidates, evenmore in the other democrat candidate, John Edward.Obama had the special characted because he was to be a symbol of the democracy in the context of opportunity for non Anglo-saxon to be the president. In other hand, Hillary as well as Obama, has special character too. She was to be a symbol of gender equality and to be the first women president in US history.Although the way to the white house is in the progress but we can analyse how the two main character in democrat party, would to built US as a world citizen with others by the foreign policy issues. Iraq ConflictIraq war still to be the hotest issues in the campaign of two candidates when they made a respon about the question of foreign policy planning. Iraq war was started in March 20, 2003 and from the Department of The State, untill February 2008, this war has killed about 3945 US armysHillary has made opponent position with the Iraq war policy, but she still support to the war resolution that proposed in 2002. She has claimed to president Bush for solved this problems untill his administratif release in 2008.Obama has the same position with Hillary but he had coherence with the claim for withdrawal of the US armys step by step in Iraq and tried to increase US diplomacy to invite the cooperations from the Arab states in the effort to made peace in that states. We can see that Obama more focused on the taking a part of the Iraq neigbour states military to help to solve the problem than still in option to maintain the coalition leads by US International IssuesAs the super power states, the US foreign policy had the close relations with international politics issues, specially in the region or states where there be US interest. Issues in the US foreign policy that choosen by Obama in his campaign is about his support for the effort to finish of genoside in Darfur and violence in Kongo. Hillary still on her support to embargo policy to Cuba and promote the global cooperation lead by US to againt terrorism. In the international politics issues we can see that Obama try to take symphatic by using the humanity issues in Afrika to mantain the US image as the guard for the world peace. But in other hand Hillary still remain in the mainland security from terorrism and the enemy in the “Cuba” backyard threat.In their campaign about Iraq war and international politic issues, Hillary and Obama had different opinion to look at US it self. In the Hillary view, US power to solve the Iraq conflict still on the US it self. So the right policy is to move faster the resolution proccess. Terrorism and the threat from the US traditional enemy like Cuba still to be the big problem for the US homeland security. In other hand Obama, focused on the US role to made the Iraq problem as the common problem so need to solved by the coopreations specially from the Arab states. State’s branding also the main issue when Obama used the Darfur and Kongo civil war that can be viewed that he focused humaitarian issues. The global cooperation in the Hillary’s context should be built and the US still the leader specially in the high politics issues. But in the Obama’s context, the global cooperation should be moved to the humanitarian issues and focused to invite the other states outside the US allies.However, that two candidat of president from democrat party have different to respons of the international issues, but both of them in the same view and potentialy to made the change  in the US political history. The opinion of them is determined how the US foreign policy after Bush administration. Of course we wish it will be better, both for US peoples and all of peoples in the world. The author is the lecturer in Department of International Relations, University of Muhammadiyah Malang      


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