TRaditional and Non Traditional Security

Traditional and Non Traditional Security

Tonny d’effendi (Tjhan Fuk Yin)

Definition of Security

o      Securus (se+cura) à free from danger, free from fear

o      Se (without) + curus (uneasiness) à liberation from uneasiness, or a peaceful situation without any risk or threats

Security in Realism

o        State as dominant actor à survive for power à balance of power

o        Hegemonic stability à cooperations will difficult à hegemonic cooperations

o        Security is the absence of a military threat or with the protection of the nation from external overthrow or atteck


Neo Realism

o       Critics for state as unitary actor

o       Globalization characteristic by IT revolutions, communications which will changed the map of IR à Realism couldnot explained serve usable map of the world

o       The role of Non-state actors à NGO, terrorism etc

o       Ken Booth à new issues : intl org role, environment, democracy, terrorism, public policy, Nort-South, feminism

People, States and Fear (Barry Buzan)

Securiy Sector

Non Military Sector

What is the Source of the Security Threat?

Realism vs Neo-Realism

                                    Traditional                    Non Traditional

Origin of Threats                    rival states                                                state and non states :

                                                                                                domestic and transnational

Nature of threats                     military capability                    non military : economic,

                                                                                                domestic politic,                                                                                                               environment, drugs, deseases

The responses                         miltary                                     non military : economic                                                                                                   liberalization, democratization

                                                                                                human right

The responsibility                    State                                        state, org/IO, individu

For providing security


Core values                             national independen,                               economic welfare, human right                                                                territorial integrity                           protection to environment



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